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Gautrey Group Products

We specialise in influence training and coaching. Over the years, we have developed a variety of online tools and resources to help us to meet the needs of our clients as they become more influential. Many of these are available for individual purchase or can be used by professional coaches and trainers who share our passion for helping people to get better results through greater influence.

   The Gautrey Influence Programme

This programme has been developed specifically to support middle to senior managers who recognise the importance of becoming increasingly influential. By focusing your leadership development on influence, you will be able to deliver even more results. Based on the unique work of Colin Gautrey, this package presents a valuable combination of materials and assessments, all focused on helping you to build greater influence.

  • Gain clarity on what's important and identify a compelling course of influencing action.
  • Make rapid progress on cutting through the conflicting agendas.
  • Drive through decisions which implement quickly.
  • Make sense of the strategic priorities and focus on the people who matter most.
  • Enlist the support of stakeholders to overcome obstacles and tackle tough issues.
  • Delegate influence and make it a team task.
  • Become progressively more influential and successful.

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The Collaboration Survey

Our research has identified the key themes which need to be present for a relationship to be successful when it comes to collaboration. Sometimes, it seems that teams were made to conflict, which is why we built the Collaboration Survey to start to provide a practical way to diagnose what is missing and move swiftly to agreeing actions for improvement.

This survey provides an effective, simple and easy to complete online assessment of the quality of "many to many" relationships.

  • Quantify the moans and groans and begin an objective development process.
  • Discover quality gaps against the key themes critical to successful collaboration.
  • Produce quantitative data to influence senior stakeholders to make change happen.
  • Engage teams in a positive dialogue to build awareness of collaboration.
  • Diagnose several different relationships concurrently.
  • Build greater collaboration and get stronger results from team working.

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The Influencing Skills 360°

This product is based on Colin Gautrey's research into the nature of influence and the critical skills required to be successful. It makes use of his model of Influential Leadership which contains 42 key skills that contribute significantly to influencing capability.

The Influencing Skills 360° is a simple self-assessment and feedback questionnaire which can be used several times by an individual to monitor improvement and results.

  • Quickly explore the 42 skills of influence and how you rate yourself against these.
  • Get feedback from friends and colleagues on how they see you using these skills (as many as you like).
  • Be able to compare your self-perception with what others think.
  • Analyse your strengths, weaknesses and development priorities.
  • Repeat the process several times in 12 months to monitor your progress.
  • Become more influential! Get more results.

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The Gautrey Influence Profile

This simple questionnaire will help you to understand how you prefer to influence others, and how others are trying to influence you. This opens the opportunity to learn how to adapt your own behaviour for greater success by removing the distraction often created by different styles.

The Gautrey Influence Profile is a unique and thoroughly tested psychometric instrument which is easy to understand and use.

You will learn...

  • How to make sense of style differences with your stakeholders.
  • Why your style could be distracting others.
  • To value different styles and stay focused on what others are saying.
  • How different styles suit different situations, roles and cultures.
  • When you need to flex your style to be more effective.
  • Simple ways to adapt your style.
  • Become more influential and gain greater success.

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The Personal Power Diagnostic

The Personal Power Diagnostic is a simple questionnaire which helps you to develop your power and influence. It does this by assessing where you currently get your power from and then showing you easy and practical ways you can develop your power.

You will learn...

  • How power works in relationships.
  • Where your power is currently focused.
  • Ten different types of power which can achieve influence.
  • Your own personal hierarchy of power sources.
  • Simple and easy ways to develop each source of power.
  • How to become more powerful and influential and get more of what you want.

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