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We help middle managers, directors and executives to become more influential. With greater influence, comes greater success. We do this through influence training and influence coaching which is quick, practical and focused on critical career or work objectives.

Our thought leadership comes from Colin Gautrey, who has become a recognised expert in the practical use of power and influence in the workplace over the last 10 years.

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The Influence Training Specialists

Every year, we show thousands of people how they can become more influential. When we bring this into the influence training room, something special begins to happen.

The practical application of what we cover strikes home, in a relevant and meaningful way. And this makes a big difference to those attending our courses, and importantly, to the organisations they work for.

Although it is difficult to describe it all, generally people transform their whole approach to influence.



Before Influence Training

Embattled and struggling to proactively solve problems
Feeling disempowered and unable to change things
Unable to focus on the bigger issues
Overwhelmed by powerful opponents
Under-performing in terms of influence
Stuck, fed-up and demotivated


After Influence Training

Able to take a more strategic view
Reassured that they can make a difference
Generating a simple plan to influence key stakeholders
Feeling equipped with the tools and techniques to overcome hurdles
Motivated and empowered to give it a go


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Of course, that's only the start.

"Influence training is often misdirected. My belief is that most people (who have achieved middle years and at least middle management) already have sufficient influencing skills, the main develop area is where and how to apply them" Colin Gautrey

In other words, we don't spend an inordinate amount of time fussing about the soft skills, we are intent on helping people to learn how to focus and adapt what they already have and do. Our influence training focuses strongly on action. This means we rarely run workshops which last longer than one day.

So, we place the focus on projects that delegates have to deliver which require more influence, then we help them to apply all of the key principles directly onto their work. This means we gain exceptional engagement and return on investment.


We have a wide range of sessions, tools and exercises which we use to build bespoke programmes for our clients. Usually these are orientated towards specific role who are experiencing difficulty. This allows us to integrate it into the organisational challenges, and the culture so that it lands well.



Recent Workshop Titles

Supplier Relationship Management
Engaging in Delivery
Making Change Happen
Building Trust with Our Business Partners
Internal Business Consultancy
How to Become More Influential
Influence for Central Services
Becoming a Strategic HR Professional


Typical Components

Stakeholder Influence Process
Organistaional and Personal Power
Navigating Corporate Politics
Influencing Styles
Personal Power
The Influence Workbook (over 100 pages/30 exercises)
Online Diagnostics


Recent Feedback


So, if you, your organisation or, your team, need to become more influential, get better results and move even faster,
be sure to give us a call.

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Published 18-Nov-2012 by Colin Gautrey


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