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Introducing The Gautrey Group

The Gautrey Group is a niche provider of training and development in the practical use of power and influence in the workplace. We help people to become more successful at work by learning how to influence effectively.

We use a straightforward, research-based approach to build skills that are easy to apply to any situation and utilise on a daily basis. Power and influence is a skill that is now recognised as being a critical determinant of success and we are at the leading edge in finding practical ways to build influencing capability. This is all we do.

The majority of our time is spent…

  • Running in-house workshops for clients
  • Providing executive coaching, mentoring and support
  • Research and development of ideas and products
  • Writing and publishing new thinking

We have international reach and a global network of associates, licensees and partners as well as links with other top-level experts.

Over the years, our work has been used in a wide range of global organisations, such as Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Pfizer, HSBC and Unilever. Our work has also struck a chord with leading business schools, such as CASS, Wharton, London Business School and Warwick Business School, where we have shown students and graduates how they can achieve high-level success through influencing.

We operate at the forefront of technology and, when we aren’t on the ground, we not only offer services via Skype and Twitter, but also provide online seminars and virtual classrooms. So, no matter where you (or your team) are located, we are confident we have the capability to help.

To find out what people say about us and the work we do, take a look at our testimonials.

If you think we may be able to help you, or your organisation, become more influential and successful, we'd be delighted to explore the possibilities.


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Published 21-Aug-2012 by Colin Gautrey


Our products and materials have been used in...

AIB | AMP | ARM | ASDA | Avaya | Aviva | Avon | AXA | BA | Bank of America | Barclays Capital | Boots | BP | British Council | BT | Cabinet Office | Citigroup | Clifford Chance | Coutts | Credit Suisse | CSC | Ernst & Young | Ford | Fujitsu | GE | Goldman Sachs | GSK | Hilton | HSBC | IBM | Intel | JP Morgan | Lloyds Bank | London Business School | NHS | O2 | Orange | Pfizer | Red Cross | Royal Mail | RWE | Shell | Tesco | UBS | Unilever | United Nations | UPS | Zurich | Many Others

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