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We help middle managers, directors and executives to become more influential. With greater influence, comes greater success. We do this through influence training and influence coaching which is quick, practical and focused on critical career or work objectives.

Our thought leadership comes from Colin Gautrey, who has become a recognised expert in the practical use of power and influence in the workplace over the last 10 years.

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Expert Influence Coaching

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Your plans are being opposed by powerful people.
  • You are struggling to get senior people to listen to your ideas.
  • Despite your best endeavours, people don't do what you want them to do.
  • Conflicting agendas are frustrating agreement to your proposals.
  • You find it difficult to make an impact among so many ambitious people.
  • You keep being told you need to become more influential on reviews.
  • You are far too busy to go on training courses.

If you are thinking "yes" to more that a couple of these,
you need our influence coaching.

As the specialists in the subject of influence we take a very practical approach to our coaching work. We don't spend loads of time talking about the theory, we get straight down to business. We want our influence coaching to create a real impact, fast.

Our Influence Coaching Process

  1. A 30-60 minute call to discuss your situation (phone or Skype). We will drive to understand exactly what is going on, what you are struggling with and figure out how coaching on influence could help you.
  2. Outline schedule of how we think we can help you within 48 hours. Following the call, we will consider the different elements of influence coaching which we think will be most beneficial to help you to overcome the challenges you face.
  3. Agreement to proceed. Here we will clarify what you can expect, and what we expect in return. After this stage we are both committed to making it happen.
  4. Deliver Resources. Depending on what we think will work best, we will post you hardcopy materials to support your learning and develoment. In addition, we usually recommend various diagnostics and resources on our website.
  5. Influence Coaching. Sessions (either face-to-face, telephone or Skype) are set up based on the suggested sequence of topics, and timed to suit your needs and circumstances.
  6. Review. Towards the end of the sequence of sessions we will do a review with you to measure progress and see how well you are achieving your goals.

The whole point of Influence Coaching is to help you to get bigger and better results in your work with the full support and cooperation of your stakeholders. Influence coaching is not for the faint-hearted though. During the process we promise to...

  • Challenge your thinking ― in a tough but empathetic way!
  • Tell you exactly what we are thinking about your appraoch.
  • Help you to take responsibility for action and hold you accountable.
  • Give lots of hints, tips and ideas so you can take informed decisions.
  • Keep you focused on your end goal ― your work related objective.
  • Help you to demonstrate to your career stakeholders how you are developing greater influence.

That said, we are also human and will help you to enjoy the
Influence Coaching
experience too!

Popular Session Topics

The subject is huge, but these key elements frequently appear in our coaching...

  • Personal Brand / Impression Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Organisational Power / Group Dynamics
  • Communication and Influencing Styles
  • Becoming more Powerful
  • Managing Politics with Integrity

The detail, of course, depends on what you need to achieve.

Immediate Assistance

Because we know what it is like, we are also able to offer a quick reaction on on-off sessions. You don't need to engage us for a full series of sessions. If you hit a big problem, and need a wise-head to bounce your thoughts around, contact us today!

So, if you, your organisation or, your team, need to become more influential, get better results and move even faster,
talk to us about how influence coaching could help.

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Published 18-Nov-2012 by Colin Gautrey


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