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Latest Developments at The Gautrey Group

Things move quickly in our work, as I am sure they do in yours. These updates are intended to be a quick way of keeping abreast of developments in how we work and add value to our diverse group of clients. For more information on any of these, simply call us to have an informal discussion.

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Influencing Skills 360 Launched

We are pleased to announce that the new Influencing Skills 360 has been launched. It is based on the same research as the original Influencing Skill Assessment. What we've changed with the new survey is...

  • Multiple use: Now you can do it before development, and after to check your progress.
  • Simpler admin: In the two years since the release of the original assessment, we have learned how to make it much easier to use.
  • Team Development: Because it is now easier than ever to use, leaders, trainers and coaching will find it very effective to help develop other people.

To mark the occasion, we are providing free upgrades to the new survey to all those who have previously used the paid version of the ISA. If you have so far only done the free self-assessment, you can now also do the new survey. If you want to compare your results with the original ISA, we're offering a 25% discount during October and November 2011.

More Information

We'd love to hear what you think about this. Please email us or visit us on Google+.

Posted on 28-Dec-2011 by Colin Gautrey


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