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Personal Power Diagnostic

This diagnostic is proving to be highly effective at helping people to understand more about the complex dynamic of power in the workplace. However, we keep it simple so you have more time to spend implementing the ideas and becoming more successful.

Power is a short cut to influence. It helps you to get things done, often without having to resort to political tactics. Your Personal Power Diagnostic Report will increase your awareness and then give you practical ideas on how you can develop.


"This has helped me to realise that there is much more I can be doing to exert more power and influence."

"I really liked the development suggestions — much easier than I expected!"


The Personal Power Diagnostic

The Personal Power Diagnostic


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Benefits of Greater Personal Power

Power can be viewed as the short cut to influence. The more power you have, the less you need to use political tactics. This diagnostic will help you to understand more about where you get your power from and also, help you to identify news ways to become powerful, and hence, more influential.

Some of the benefits...

  • Learning the extent to which you can rely upon different types of power, such as networks, experience, charm etc.
  • Find out how to increase each type of power, including Intrapersonal, Impact etc.
  • Stimulate your thinking to explore which types of power are more or less appropriate in different situations.
  • Learn which short cuts are most useful.
  • Determine your sources of power in ten different classes, including relationships, technical, etc.
  • Get an immediate feedback report with analysis of your personal sources.
  • Examples and suggestions on how to increase your personal power.
  • Buy extra copies of the diagnostic for your team so you can turn this into a team-based discussion.

"In my view, learning about power is a critical part of becoming more influential. Insights into how power is working in your organisation can illuminate how decisions are being made; and also, you can discover how best to leverage your own personal power to move things forward." Colin Gautrey

By using the Personal Power Diagnostic, your thinking will be stimulated and you will quickly be able to discover new ways to become more influential. Here are a few examples of what other people had to say...

  • "What surprised me was just how reliant I can become on just one or two power sources. This has helped me to realise that there is much more I can be doing to exert more power and influence."
  • "It was very quick and easy to do, and the results have been very thought provoking."
  • "I really liked the development suggestions - much easier than I expected!"
  • "I've done lots of reading before on power, but this is a refreshing perspective, and much easier to grasp than French and Raven."
  • "The information supporting the diagnostic has been very helpful."

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Published 21-Aug-2012 by Colin Gautrey


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